Workouts for Everyday Life Situations. provides a fun interactive way of learning, performing and tracking exercises to help you prevent and reduce body aches.

Exercises can easily be done throughout the day—while working at the desk, on the move, baby workouts, in bed before sleeping, brushing your teeth, and much more.

Micro-workouts, stretches and physical therapy inspired exercises.


Like millions of people around the world (including us at, you might be in a job where you sit or work at a computer most of the day. Your body might start to ache and your posture getting worse.

The benefits of doing exercises aren't just for desk jockeys and office workers. Perhaps you stand all day, or have a lot of repetitive movements in your daily work or play that could cause aches, tightness or even pain across your neck, back, lats, pecs, and more.

Performing exercises regularly can have positive impact on your daily life both at work and at home. Taking small breaks throughout the day can refresh your mind, make you less tired, and improve your productivity in the long run.

More reasons why exists:

  • There are countless websites that shows you exercise images/instructions on how to do style of exercises, but all lack an interactive experience
  • Even in this day of age, many Physiotherapy clinics gives you home exercise programs on printed sheets of paper or a link to a boring websites
  • Lack of online social and community tools centered around home exercise programs with a focus on micro-workouts, posture issues, range of motion, flexibility, repetitive strain injuries, etc.


Time of Day

Sunday Morning or Tuesday Evening? Exercise categories changes depending on day of week and time of day.

Exercise Illustrations

Characters illustrate beneficial exercises with detailed instructions.

Routines & Categories

Browse tons of routines and categories across various life situations and interests.

Track Completed Exercises

Consistency is the key to success. Stay motivated by tracking every exercise and routine you complete.

Add to Favorites

Convenient way to save and retrieve your most frequent stretch or strength exercises.

Interactive Timer Countdown

Hit the start button and launch into a full interactive exercise countdown mode.

More Features...

Activity Feed

See a feed of your completed exercises or routines as well as a from other users.


See users ranked by how active they are.


Overview showing how many exercises, minutes you completed.

Getting Started

  1. Login or signup to stay motivated by tracking completed exercises and routines, participate in the leaderboard, view your stats and add exercises to your favorites for quick access.
  2. Browse the homepage, routines or categories to find exercises you want to do.
  3. Check out your stats and activity feed. View your completed exercises, routines and favorites.
  4. Stay on top of the leaderboard by consistently completing exercises daily.
  5. Have fun, feel better and have more energy!
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