Abduction Straight-Leg-Raise In Bed

Abduction Straight Leg Raise

You might recognize this as the "Jane Fonda" move and you might think this isn't a bed time move. Well you're right, its not traditionally. But you want those hips and your butt to be strong no matter what time of day right? That's what we thought! So use these abduction straight leg raises to strengthen your legs and tone your butt any time of day but especially around bed time.


Start by laying on your side with your bottom leg bent underneath you. Your top leg is going to be lifting up towards the sky. Make sure when you lift it you keep that leg straight and keep it in line with your body, the further back it is the better you will do engaging your hips and butt. Repeat 10 times and then turn over and do the other side. There you go, all ready for bed!

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