Arm Stretch on the can

Arm Stretch On The Can

As arm stretches go, this seated overhead tricep stretch is an old standard. You won’t see it demonstrated on YouTube, quite like this. It’s best known as a great stretch to warm things up before exercise, but it’s also a perfect way to relieve the day’s stress and anxiety while you’re seated on the can. With a subtle modification, you can stretch your lats too. Whether you’re targeting your triceps or your latissimus dorsi, be careful not to strain your neck.


Lift one of your arms over your head, positioning the bicep several inches away from your ear and hang your forearm behind you. Grasp your elevated elbow with the other hand. Gently pull your elbow back and toward your head, until you feel the stretch. Hold this for 30 seconds. Repeat with your opposite arm. Modify this action to stretch your lats by carefully leaning your torso to one side then the other during the stretch.

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