Arm Scissors

Baby Stroller Arm Scissors

HipFit’s baby stroller arm scissors do double duty for your fitness routine; they’re a pectoral stretch and a shoulder and upper back workout too. You might think arm scissors don’t look like much, but we challenge you to say that after completing a 3-minute set. Swing the stroller around and let your toddler watch. Maybe they’ll mimic you, getting a head start on their own fitness. Add these arm scissors to loosen up, reduce stress and stretch.


Extend your arms in front of you at shoulder height and lock your elbows. Swing both arms out to your side, keeping them straight. As you bring them back in front of you, criss-cross them, one over the other. Be careful not to drop your arms lower than shoulder-height and keep your palms facing down during this vigorous exercise. Do three 1-minute sets, working your way up to going for three consecutive minutes without stopping.

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