Calf Raises With Stroll

Baby Stroller Calf Raises

Develop lower leg muscle tone and symmetry with baby stroller calf raises. So often, we focus on the muscles in our upper legs and neglect our calves. We want you to look great in those new heels, your running shorts or that cocktail dress. Strengthen the muscles that help maintain your skeletal structure and improve balance and alignment. Take a couple minutes during your next walk with your baby and tone those calves with these calf raises.


Give yourself permission to perform this exercise in small, subtle movements. You’re engaging a small muscle group with calf raises, but don’t kid yourself, you’re making a big difference. Stand with your feet flat on the ground and hold the stroller handle with at least one hand for balance. Lift your heels up off the ground to stand on your tip-toes. Hold the position for two seconds then lower your heels to the ground.

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