Bum Stretch Bed

Bed Butt Stretch

Stick around long enough and you'll find we love our beds at hip.fit. We have stretches and strength exercises that you can do when you're on the bed, in the bed, next to the bed, making the bed, even under your bed. With the Bed Butt Stretch you'll activate your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps, with a gentle nudge to your hip flexors, thanks to the elevated leg position.


Similar to the body mechanics of an elevated reverse lunge, keep your chest lifted and squeeze your glutes throughout this stretch. Stand in front of the bed and place your left leg and both hands flat on the edge of the bed. Keeping your spine aligned with your hips, gently propel yourself forward, pushing off the leg anchored to the floor. For a deeper stretch place your leading leg several inches past the edge of the mattress and take your hands off the bed. Switch legs and repeat.

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