Bilateral Shoulder External Rotation Copy 3

Bilateral Shoulder External Rotation

Regardless of athletic ability, career, and age, there is something most of us share: our shoulders are rotated forward the majority of the day and our chest is stronger than our back. It makes since, we spend most of our day picking stuff up, working, and exercising with our arms forward. However, this imbalance can lead to upper back and shoulder pain. The exercise strengthens the muscles that pull our shoulder blades together and rotate your shoulders outward, reducing the tightness in our chest and and shoulders.


A resistance band is needed for this exercise. Stand upright with your elbows tucked into your side and extended at a 90 degree angle. Grab the resistance band with both hands with a moderate amount of tension on the band. Start the motion by first contracting your shoulder blades together and pushing your chest slightly forward. Hold this position for the duration of the exercise. Rotate both of your hands away from your body while keeping your elbows stationary. The end point of this exercise is the extent you can rotate your shoulders without pain and changing your posture. Hold the end point for 1 second and then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds. Relax and repeat two more times.

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