Cat Camel Motionab

Cat Camel Motion

Yoga enthusiasts aren't the only ones to benefit from the Cat Camel stretch. Busy moms and dads, athletes and desk jockeys alike, all need to have a go-to stretch in their morning arsenal. The flexibility of your spine is essential to all of our daily activities. Without this flexibility, many of us will experience debilitating pain and tightness throughout our backs. Often used as one of the first stretches of the day, Cat Camel motion helps to promote flexibility in our spine and relieve any lingering pain and tightness.


Begin in the quadruped position on your hands and knees with your shoulders in alignment with your wrists, and hips in line with your knees. With hands, knees, and feet planted, drop your belly to the floor and gaze up. Now, reverse it by carving the belly inward and pop the ribcage up, looking in at your navel. Hold each pose for a few seconds. Slowly and deliberately repeat this routine several times until you feel the stretch deepening.

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