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Conference Call Push-up

Who hasn't been on a conference call and suddenly heard a bunch of strange noise and heavy breathing? Ever wondered what the heck is going on during those awkward minutes before the call begins? Maybe they're doing Conference Call Push-ups, right? Push-ups are a full body workout, not just isolated to the chest. Beginners can realistically expect to just do a few at first, but will be able to do more with some practice.


Let's knock out some push-ups before the big call! Get down on all fours and assume a plank position with your arms locked, positioned slightly behind your shoulders and wider than shoulder width. With a perfectly aligned neck and spine, inhale and bend your arms, dropping your chest toward the floor. Rise back up and extended your arms to the start position locked at the elbows, exhaling as you go. Tuck your belly button in and squeeze your buttocks throughout the exercise.

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