Desk Push-Up In The Office

Desk Push-up

Desk Push-ups are just as good for your ego as they are for your upper body. You’ll look great and feel better just doing them. Wait for the right moment when the tension’s heavy and the office is crowded, then kick-out your chair, stand, stretch and assume the position. Bust out a couple sets of desk push-ups, quietly sit back down, tuck in your chair and resume working. Like a Boss! You owned it, and your coworkers will wonder what’s gotten into you.


We recommend removing your shoes, especially if you wear heels, as they restrict movement and may slide on the floor during the exercise. Place both hands on the desk, a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Walk your feet backward until you’re on your toes and set them slightly apart. Assume an active plank position then slowly lower yourself down and touch your chest against the desk. Carefully push back up to the start position. Great job, now do some more!

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