Pec Minor Stretch

Doorway Pec Major Stretch

It's a mystery to us why so many people neglect their pecs and chest muscles when it comes to stretching and strength exercises. The Doorway Pec-Major Stretch is a workhorse of a stretch, and so important to our overall health and well-being. We develop tightness across the front of our chest, and shoulder-rounding due to poor posture. This stretch helps strengthen the mid-back muscles which support our ability to stand erect, while stretching and opening the chest and shoulder muscles.


Facing into an open doorway, stagger your stance with one foot in front of the other and place your palms and forearms against the doorway. Next, anchor your back heel to the floor and lean your entire body, including your trunk and hips into the opening by driving off your back foot until you feel a comfortable stretch into your chest. Don't lunge forward- go gently, and don't bend at the waist. The stretch can be altered as needed, by placing your arms higher or lower on the door frame until the perfect stretch is found.

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