The Hulk Car Redlight - Iso-Tension

Driving Redlight Iso-Tension

For some drivers, you might not even realize this is an exercise. When traffic isn't moving or you have managed to hit every single red light back from work, chances are you have been clinching the steering wheel extremely hard and tensing up. Now let's refine that to an exercise that can relieve stress, increase strength, and keep your muscles from withering away.


Once the light turns red, grab the steering wheel at 10 and 2 (driver's ed) with both hands, and keep your eyes on the road. Sit up in your chair with good posture, chest forward, and not hunched over. Clinch your fists and contract your chest, bicep, and abdominal muscles. When all four of those motions are down properly and at the same time, your body and arms should not have moved much, but the front of your arms and chest should feel tight like you are bear hugging your best friend. Hold the continuous contraction for 5 seconds and remember to keep breathing throughout the contraction. Relax and repeat four more times.

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