Driving Shoulder Rotations

Windshield time has always been wasted time- until now. We don't endorse distracted driving so we've developed a micro-workout that you can do with both hands on the wheel, feet on the pedals, eyes and attention where they belong- on the road. Driving Shoulder Rotations relieve the stress of a long drive, pent-up tension from a tough day at the office and pain due to neck and shoulder strain.


You can perform shoulder rotations with your hands on the steering wheel, arms outstretched or hands in your lap; it's your choice. The idea is to relax, so it's best to wait until you are on a long, quiet stretch of road or pulled over. With neck and spine aligned, lift and roll your shoulders back, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Maintaining shoulder symmetry, continue rolling several rotations before changing directions and repeating in a forward motion.

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