Elastic Band Extension Bilateral Shoulder

Elastic Band Bilateral Shoulder Extension

Physical Therapists have used elastic bands and tubing for exercises for a long time. They provide a cheap, portable, safe and effective way to challenge the body's musculoskeletal system by providing resistance and maximizing freedom of movement and customization of the exercise. This bilateral shoulder extension exercise uses elastic band resistance to strengthen the shoulder blade and,to some degree, the posterior shoulder muscles to help improve posture and the ability to fight the forward pull of gravity.


Attach an exercise resistance band over the top of any doorway. Secure the band with a knot or attachment and close the door. Stand erect, facing the doorway and hold onto the end of each of the bands with your arms out in front. Pull down on the bands bringing your arms to your side, keeping your elbows straight throughout. The focus should be on squeezing your shoulder blades both together in a downward motion. If your band is too long, try standing farther away from the doorway. If your band is too short, attach it to the side of the door instead of the top.

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