Foam Rolling for Lats

Foam Roll for Lats

Are your lats (Latissimus Dorsi) and back feeling tight? Do you have shoulder pain? Well, welcome to the club! It happens to the best of us. Foam Rolling is a widely used tool for soft tissue mobilization throughout the entire body. It can be quite effective at relieving pain and tightness related to myofascial restrictions and muscular adhesions. It's not uncommon to have pain or tightness on your shoulder with frequent overhead lifting or reaching activities. Focus the foam roller on the outer edge of the upper back to hit your lats.


Lay comfortably on your side with the foam roller under your armpit. Lean your weight into the foam roller and begin rolling up and down from your armpit to your ribs along the outside border of your shoulder blade. Focus on the tight and tender spots. If it becomes too uncomfortable, adjust the amount of pressure by slightly lifting your body weight off the roller.

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