Folding Knife - Leg Raises

Folding Knife Leg Raises

It’s funny how the simplest looking exercises can sometimes cause the most grief. We don’t like grief any more than you do…SO, here’s a way to keep it in check. The folding knife leg raise is actually a variation on a more advanced move called a jack knife. You’ll stabilize your body with your arms in order to target your lower abs while lifting your feet together. Your abs will benefit most but don’t be surprised if you feel the burn in your hamstrings too. Grunting is allowed- heck, it’s encouraged.


Situate your bottom at the front edge of the sofa and support yourself with both hands at your sides, much like you did with HipFit’s Couch Bike exercise. Place stiff legs out in front of you with your heels touching the floor. Draw your navel inward toward your spine and raise both stiff legs simultaneously about 12” off the floor. Hold for a few seconds before slowly dropping them to the floor. Complete 20 reps and do as many sets as you can tolerate.

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