Hamstring in Bed

The hamstring stretch is the Porsche 911 of stretches; easily recognized as a timeless classic made popular by 1960's "Godfather of Fitness," Jack LaLanne. This active stretch helps people with chronic hamstring tightness, acute strains and even low back pain. The best part is you can even do it in bed! Kick off your shoes, hop up on the bed and let hip.fit show you how.


Lie flat on your back on a firm mattress. Grab the back of one knee with both hands and pull the knee toward your chest. Extend your lower leg toward the ceiling as far as you can without causing pain. Now flex your toes, pulling them downward toward your head. If flexibility allows, grasp your toes and assist the flexation by gently pulling downward. Hold for five seconds, then lower the leg. Repeat with the same leg but this time, pull your leg a little closer to your chest in the beginning of the stretch.

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