Knee Press Train

Knee Press on the Train

There are distinct advantages to commuting, not the least of which is you get to spend all the time you want doing micro-workouts. What's not to love about that? Even better, for many of them nobody will even know you're working out. One of our favorites, Knee Presses on the Train subtly strengthens your inner thighs while you pass the time. Leave the thigh blaster at home and forget the gym equipment, just use your fists for resistance and knock out a few sets.


Sit somewhere that has a little legroom and place both feet flat on the floor. Make two fists and place both hands together between your inner thighs. Draw your navel into your spine, contracting the abdominal muscles while squeezing your legs together for about 15 seconds. Let your fists provide resistance. Relax between repetitions and repeat for several sets.

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