Neck Lateral Rotation - Strength

Neck Lateral Flexion

A strong and stable neck is a safer neck that is less susceptible to pain or injury. Neck lateral flexion (ear moving towards your shoulder) works the muscles on the side of your neck. These concentric neck exercises are a great way to begin building strength and endurance to help stabilize your neck.


Stand up straight with your head in its natural resting position and place the palm of your hand on either side of your head above your ear. Apply a moderate to light amount of force with your hand to act as resistance. Pull your head towards your shoulder against the resistance. The resistance should allow for about a 3 second movement of your head from its natural resting position till you feel a stretch in the opposite side of the neck or can't go any further without pain. Relax and complete a total of five repetitions for both the left and right sides.

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