Pec Stretch Blanket Roll

Pec Stretch Blanket Roll is always trying to find ways for you to stretch in daily life when time is tight. Occasionally during your busy day, you find some coveted quiet time where you can lay down, breathe deep and relax, if only for a minute. Today, when you find the time, give our Pec Stretch Blanket Roll a chance to melt away the tightness in your pecs and chest. You can use a rolled up blanket or a foam roller to give gravity a chance to work during this surprisingly relaxing stretch.


Lay over the rolled blanket or foam roller with it vertically-oriented and centered underneath your butt, spine, and head. Relax your shoulders and arms placing them away from you, making the shape of a T with your body. The weight of your arms combined with gravity provides an amazing stretch through your chest and shoulders. Alter the stretch as needed by adjusting your arms higher (into a "Y" orientation) or lower (into a "V" orientation) until the perfect stretch is found.

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