Shoppingbag Dumbbells

Shopping Bag Dumbbells

You may already be doing these Shopping Bag Dumbbells and not even realize it. Who hasn't loaded each arm with all those plastic grocery bags to save a trip to the kitchen? We all have. shows you how to do it safely and with great form. It's just another one of those ordinary daily activities made a little better thanks to


You can do Shopping Bag Dumbbell Curls before you even get the groceries into the kitchen. Grab two of the heavier bags from the car; one in each hand. Do these while walking or standing still. Tighten your abs by pulling your navel in toward your spine and tuck your elbows in to your ribs. Flex each elbow, bend your arm and lift the bags. Your elbows will be bent at 90 degrees. Slowly extend your arm, dropping back down. Don't be a dumbbell- do your curls!

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