Sliding Plank

Sliding Chair Plank

We're not afraid to mix it up and incorporate a few really challenging micro-workouts. Sliding Chair Planks offer all of the benefits of standard planks with a more advanced core workout triggered by really subtle back-and-forth movements with the chair. We recommend that you practice with static planks first, taking time to develop your deep abdominal muscles then graduate to the sliding chair.


Assume a standard plank position with elbows and forearm flat on the chair pad. Elongate your spine, keep it straight, lock your knees and support your weight from your toes. Be sure your butt isn't raised, remaining in line with your back and shoulders. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds then slowly propel your body forward with your toes and slightly extend your shoulders to push the chair forward a few inches. Keeping your abdomen tight, return to the starting position.

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