Tense Release in Bed

The fancy name for this technique is PMRE, or progressive muscle release exercise, but we know it as Tense Release- and we do it in bed! Truth is, you can do this stretch anywhere that you can relax. The whole idea is you practice alternating between tensing and relaxing muscle groups systematically from head to toe. Squeeze away tension and replace it with relaxation and peace. Ahhh.


This calming stretch requires a comfortable, relaxed environment. Lie down, take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. With each exhale, allow tension, stiffness and fatigue to exit your body. Surrender the weight of your body to the surface of your bed. Starting with your neck, squeeze and release the muscles in slow, deliberate movements. Only move to the next major muscle group when your muscles are left feeling heavy and tension-free. Now, move to your shoulders, chest and down to your toes, allowing as much time as it takes to become relaxed and calm.

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