Toilet Finger Flicks

Toilet Finger Flickers

For starters, it’s fun to say- out loud. You just did, didn’t you? The next time your significant other asks, “What are you doing in there?” Say this, “Just finger flicking honey. I’ll be out in a minute.” While they’re outside the door giggling, you’re inside, building hand strength. After all, there are more than 35 muscles in the hand and forearm. This exercise is perfect for people who rely on grip strength on the job, and anyone with mild arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.


This one moves fast. You’ll complete two sets in just one minute. Outstretch your arms and make a tight fist with each hand. Cross your thumb across the front of all four fingers of each hand. This adds resistance. Flick your fingers out and in like you’re hands are wet and you don’t have a towel to dry them. Complete 30 repetitions in 30 seconds. Shake it out, and do it again. Add difficulty by speeding up or gripping more tightly with each repetition.

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