Plank Twists-tv

TV Plank Twist

TV plank twists, also known as side elbow plank twists are the real deal! Do this challenging variation of a standard plank and give yourself credit where credit’s due- you’re a beast! TV plank twists are a great exercise to strengthen your core, so when you add a twist to the routine, you build balance, work your obliques and tone your shoulders. All this in the time it takes to roll the opening credits of your favorite program. Nicely done!


Start in the basic side elbow plank position on your right side, with your feet stacked one on top of the other. Nearly all of your weight rests on your forearm aligned directly beneath your shoulder and laying flat on the floor. Place your left arm behind your head or pointed straight up in the air. Pull your navel in toward your spine and tighten your abs. Rotate your left ribcage toward the floor and bring your left elbow to the floor. Place your left forearm flat on the floor, opposing your right arm. Rest for one or two seconds before returning to the side plank position. Repeat up to ten reps on each side.

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